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SALA 1 - PAU CASALS | Sunday, October 24th, 2021, 18:00
Central Stalls Central Stalls Side Stalls Side Stalls Box 1 Box 2 Dress Circle R.1-6 Dress Circle R.1-6 Side 1st Floor Left Side 1st Floor Left Side 1st Floor Left Side 1st Floor Right Side 1st Floor Right Side 1st Floor Right Side Stage Left Side Stage Left Side Stage Right Side Stage Right Box 3 Box 4 Box 5 Box 6 Box 7 Box 8 Box 9 Box 10 Box 11 Box 12 Box 13 Box 14 Box 15 Box 16 Balcony Balcony Balcony Box 2nd Floor G Box 2nd Floor H Box 2nd Floor F Box 2nd Floor G. Box 2nd Floor E Box 2nd Floor F. Box 2nd Floor D Box 2nd Floor E. Box 2nd Floor C Box 2nd Floor D. Box 2nd Floor B Box 2nd Floor C. Box 2nd Floor B. Box 2nd Floor A Box 3rd Floor G Box 3rd Floor G. Box 3rd Floor F Box 3rd Floor F. Box 3rd Floor E Box 3rd Floor E. Box 3rd Floor D Box 3rd Floor D. Box 3rd Floor C Box 3rd Floor C. Box 3rd Floor B Box 3rd Floor B. Box 3rd Floor A Box 3rd Floor A.
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In accordance with the current maximum capacity rules, seats marked in grey are currently unavailable for booking. If you are coming on your own, please do not purchase a seat next to one that is already occupied. Thank you.
Zone 1
€12.00 - €16.00

Lepant 08013 Barcelona
Telephone: 932479300

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